We “Om Exim Management” are providing path-making consultancy services to our customers. The Services related to these fields rendered by us are reliable and authenticate. Details discussions are conducted by us with the customers assist us to assure complete DGFT & Custom-made solution. Apart from this,A our team is experienced and expert in the respective fields, which help us to assure tremendous consultancy services to the customers. 


In order to fulfill the long – felt need for a leaflet giving guidelines and practical help both to new comers and those established in the export import trade, we have made an attempt here to bring a detailed step approach to problems and procedures one has to go through in the export-import field.  We are rendering our services sincerely, effectively and satisfactorily in the field of Exports, Imports Industries from tiny units to trading house. Several small units are now enjoying Export / Trading House status and winning prestigious Government Export Awards because our consultancy by far has proved to be as modern as Digital computers and as traditional as temple due to our systematic and upto date working ideas on result and revenue oriented schemes at reasonable remuneration.

We have been liasioning with several Central as well as States Government Department viz. Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC), Dept. of Tourism and Ministry of Industry of States for Small Scale Industries (SSI).   Liberalized Export-Import Policy, Competitive World Markets & widening scope for export growth are challenges to Export Import trade. If you want to meet the challenge for progress, allow us to assist you. 

Our specialty of consultancy lies in the field towards obtaining you the extra benefit at no extra cost.   As the govt. is interested in boosting exports, necessary guidelines are being revised from time to time. It may be a gem of an idea if you consult us to have specific guidelines, as we have almost everything you need. In the current competitive environment, where efficiency and speed are vital, Export & Import order with matching finance are hard to come by, We are sure you will find our services useful to your business. This booklet will provide you with basic information about us, our services & its modalities. We shall be delighted if you could visit our website or write / call / email to us for the discussion. Look forward to rendering our beneficial services to your organisation.